Southeastern Regional Director of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Names Bro. Darius McLaurin as Chief of Staff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greenville, NC November 14, 2019 —

Notable Brother Dr. Lawrence L. Rouse, SE Regional Director, today announced that Bro. Darius McLaurin has been named the Fraternity’s first Chief of Staff of the Southeastern Region of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. “I am confident he’s the right man for the job after observing his passion for Sigma.”, said Rouse.

Regional Director Rouse asked the Southeastern Regional Board of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity to allow him to implement the position to assist him in managing and administering the activities of our Region. The Board supported the request unanimously at its March 2019 meeting. Brother Rouse stated “I needed additional expanded administrative help to move the Region forward while also taking on the duties as the President of Pitt Community College and the Regional Board responded with their full support”

Bro. McLaurin has served the Fraternity in several leadership roles on the local, regional and international levels since 1992, where he acts as the Chairman of the Sigma Scholars Inc. Foundation and Chief Business Officer of NC Department of Public Instruction. He serves as the agency’s legislative liaison and provides advice to the ESDB Superintendent, Board, and staff on legislative, policy, strategic, business and operational matters.

Bro. McLaurin will play a key role in the leadership of the Southeastern Region (North Carolina, South Carolina and East Tennessee) of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Coordinating program directors and regional board members functions. Serving as point of contact for the Southeastern Regional Director and assisting regional board members in various ways. Supporting the regional’s functions according to circumstances and needs.


A few of his duties will include:

  • Participates in day-to-day regional management, which involves duties on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis
  • Within regional management, organizes and gathers information from various officers, board members, meetings and reports that information, along with recommendations, to the regional director and board
  • Leads the charge of the regional two-year strategic plan
  • Acts as a representative of the regional director when requested
  • Coordinates communication and media across the region

Bro. Darius McLaurin added, “I am honored by this opportunity and excited to serve with Regional Director Rouse, the board and talented brothers of the “Super” Southeastern Region to advance the Fraternity’s mission.”

Bro. McLaurin received his B.A. from Johnson C. Smith University, magna cum laude and MPA from Central Michigan University.