The James T. Floyd Hall of Fame was established at the 2003 Regional Leadership Conference in Charlotte, NC to honor brothers who have made significant contributions to the Southeastern Region and their respective communities. This was an initiative of the Honorable Bro. Jimmy Hammock, Regional Director, and 33rd International President. Charter members class were members of the Distinguished Service Chapter of the Southeastern Region. The first class of inductees was installed at the 2004 Southeastern Regional Conference in Chattanooga, TN.

Hall of Fame Inductees

1. James T. Floyd

2. James Clarke

3. Marshall Bass

4. Dudley Flood

5. Henry Goldson

6. Larry McCutheon

7. William Walker

8. Larry Blanding

9. Robert Booker

10. Notable Willie Ford

11. Notable Franklin McCrea

12. W.L. Rose

13. Marion Wright

14. Jimmy Hammock

15. Notable David Miller

16. John Milner

17. Darryl Prince

18. Notable Willie Benson

19. Notable Chris Rey

20. Notable J. David Weeks

21. Notable Keith Smith

22. Notable Wilbert Morris

23. Notable Reginald McCaskill

24. Notable Robert McLean

25. Notable William Frasier

26. Quentin Goodwin

27. Notable Lawrence Rouse

28. Notable Eston Williams

29. Dewey Roberts

30. J. Neil Armstrong